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Open June 24th to July 4 and Dec 26th to Jan 1

4th of July  specials

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Welcome to Russell's Fireworks Kingdom!

I have been whipping the competition for 38 years and 2017 will be no different. I have a huge selection of quality fireworks and not the same old boring stuff like the other stands. I have the best selection this side of China. 

• More than 80 different large cake shells
• More than 400 items
• More than 50 new items
• More than 10 types of roman candles

The buy one get one free stands are full of Bullfeathers. Do not get ripped off at a buy one get one free stand. These stands misrepresent the price and all items are not buy one get one free. 
At Russell’s Fireworks, we stack them high and sell them low. I take firework selling very personal and strive to bring the best fireworks money can buy to Wichita Falls. My business has been built on selling quality merchandise at a fair price for 38 years. 
You could spend $3000 and not get the same firework twice. Russell’s Fireworks is about price, its about quality, its about selection, its about time you drive out to Russell’s Fireworks and get a piece of the action. My family works very hard to have a good honest business that we are very proud of. I double dog dare you to visit Russell’s Fireworks. 
Russell Nettles